Pleasant Hill Motel Attractions

The City of Lockport, Illinois has a park district titled the Lockport Township Park District that was created in 1945. It manages and maintains 38 parks and several recreational programs with the goal to "enrich the quality of life of the community." According to the city's website, each park provides at least one of the following recreational activities: A place to engage in sports; open spaces in which children may play in; pavilions for picnics or gatherings; playgrounds; and other facilities. Downtown Lockport contains four museums, all within walking distance of one another, as well as other historic places. 
Your Guide to Downtown Lockport, IL

While not the heart of Chicago, downtown Lockport has a thriving cultural and artistic scene that cannot be missed. People from around the country love the quaint city–galleries and museums being strewn alongside the busy main street.

Some highlights include Lincoln Landing, The Gaylord Building, the Lockport Gallery, and much more!

Best Golf Courses in Lockport, IL

Lockport, IL, is a distant suburb of Chicago, and because of that it is neither entirely rural nor a massive city all on its own. This makes for an amazing golfing vacation, and Pleasant Hill Motel is in the middle of it all! We will go over some of the fan favorite golf courses surrounding Lockport.

The Gladys Fox Museum

Maintained by the Lockport Township Park District, the Gladys Fox Museum is located in the 1839 Old Congregational Church. Beautifully restored, this historic building is home to the museum's collection of historical photographs and memorabilia celebrating Dellwood Park and the Illinois and Michigan Canal.

Illinois and Michigan Canal Museum

Located in the original 1837 Canal headquarters building, the Illinois and Michigan Canal Museum offers 10 rooms filled with artifacts, pictures and documents relating to the construction and operation of the Canal, as well as period items specific to the region during the height of the Canal's operation.

City of Lockport

Lockport, Illinois is not only home to Pleasant Hill motel, but also a host of fun activities. Lockport sits about 30 miles south of Chicago. It served as the headquarters of the Illinois & Michigan Canal, meaning there is a lot of history within the town. Along with a robust park district, Lockport is home to many arts and culture activities as well as restaurants, shopping and more.

Farmers Market

Lockport Community Farmers Market is a great way to enjoy the great community feel of Lockport. These markets are open on the first and third Saturdays of the year. The hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Vendors will gather at 140 S. St. in Lockport. Come enjoy the many tasty options from local vendors. Furthermore, you can spend some time in the Lockport community, getting to know the many people of the city.